Company pledge and statement of Guarantee

Rainier Consulting Services (RCS) an unparalleled and professional consulting group comprised of professionals throughout the construction industry. RCS’s products and services are provided throughout the Western side of Washington State and maintain a reputation for superior communication and quality. While single-family home construction sales have grown over the past 5 years, the rate of needing feasibility experts has also grown. A key factor for this rapid growth rate is the upswing in the recent marketplace coupled with a lack of supply versus demand. RCS’s services are primarily online to customers and provide a detailed analysis of what a total land development package would cost a consumer to build on their lot. Our research indicates the marketplace is strong with a continued growth trajectory over the next five to ten years here in the state of WA. RCS combines leveraging like-minded professionals, industry best practices standards with our building knowledge and experience. Our clientele knows their starting cost upfront relieving them of costly delays due to permitting issues. With their experience and impeccable work histories, our available contractors offer peace of mind to our clientele, knowing their project will be on time and budget. We look forward to speaking with you about your needs.


Erica Blue