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Why a Perc Test?

Percipitation Test

In most cases during feasibility, the percolation test is perhaps the most important part in determining if land is within your affordability.

Percolation is the descending motion of infiltered water through soil and rock layers. Infiltration occurs closer to the surface of the soil. Infiltration delivers water from the surface into the soil and plant rooting zone while Percolation moves it through the soil profile to replenish ground water supplies or become part of sub-surface run-off process. Thus, the Percolation process represents the flow of water from unsaturated zone to the saturated zone.

What do you want to do and How are you going to do it?

A site plan is the first and foremost important part of a feasibility study. It tells the story of "what" you want to, so that you can learn of "how" to do it. Want more info? Message me with your questions. We can return site plans to our clients in as little as 24 hours!

What is Builder's Risk Insurance?

Are you prepared for the unimaginable?
Builders risk insurance is also known as, Inland marine insurance. This special type of insurance is required by your builder, and can save you thousands from unsuspected theft or property damage while your home is being constructed. You'll want to check with your insurance company and ask if they offer it before you start the construction of your home, as well as the coverage limits. (Some builders have a minimum amount).

Lastly, this policy could cost upwards of $1000 for the duration of construction, but is usually rolled over into your home owners policy once construction is completed and occupancy has been authorized.